Monthly Archives: October 2006

Be Careful What You Pray For

I’m a firm believer that God answers all prayers—many times the answer is just plain “no.” There are times though when he says “yes” and your world changes in an instant. That’s what just happened to me.

What better way to tell your boss that you’d like to leave your job than to start a public blog and sign your real name. Just make sure you’re subtle about how you feel (Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Your Job!) and only hint that you may want to do something new (The Smoking Gun). Naturally, I’m neither subtle nor smart about these kinds of things so when the owner of the company came in with a printout of my blog, why was I surprised?

So fast forward three weeks and here I am on my own and ready to change the world. Okay, maybe I need to scale that back a bit. Here I am on my own and ready to find a way to keep paying my bills! Yeah, that’s reality. I’m banking on No Thirst Software to pay the bills. It’s not a horrible bet, even thought the past month has been nothing but distractions, I have Debt Quencher nearly ready to ship and I’m working on a much larger application with about three months to pull it all together.

I’m just wondering if this is going to be a three months of “I’m waiting for OS X Leopard to ship” or “I have three months to live.” Obviously the former will drag and seem like an eternity and the latter shoots by like a bullet train. What I need is the patent-pending Ronco Time Squeezer:

Are you still getting the most of your days the old-fashioned method: squeezing out extra minutes by hand? Why not try the new Ronco Time Squeezer? With the Ronco Time Squeezer, you can turn minutes into hours and hours into days! Hate that last minute rush trying to get that report done on time? No problem! Just a few twists of the Ronco Time Squeezer and you’ll have plenty of time to finish and spend a relaxing afternoon in the hot tub! No more stressing over deadlines or lost productivity. The Ronco Time Squeezer can give you back control over your life.

Now how much would you pay for this peace of mind? $1,000? $1,000,000? How about just three easy payments of just $19.95 plus shipping and handling? But wait! There’s more! Call in the next five minutes and get the equally amazing Ronco Time Compressor for just one additional payment of $19.95. Why agonize waiting weeks or months for the Apple iPhone announcement—a few cranks of the Ronco Time Compressor and POOF! you’ve got the worlds coolest phone! Can’t wait for Vista to ship so Microsoft can stop pretending it’s going to be an amazing success? Put Billy G. out of his misery and crank away a few months so we can all watch the Windows hit the fan.

Act today before this offer goes away!

Yeah, I don’t have any handy Ronco products right now. I guess I’ll have to just work my butt off and not waste time. How lame is that?

The upside is that I am where I wanted to be. Once again, I have the opportunity to create great software that is only limited by my imagination (oh crap) and my skills as a developer (double crap). I’ve been generously given a chance to take over the driver’s seat and steer my own path to financial success. I know I’m going to win out of this deal. I’ll either gain a ton of knowledge because of my efforts or find my way to abundance highway—who knows, I may even get both!