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My Mini Keynote Address

Okay, pretend I’m rich, run the coolest electronics company in the world, and I love black mock turtlenecks. I want to do this blog as if I was Steve Jobs giving one of his famous keynotes.

(Warning by Green Day ends)

I’d like to welcome you all here today. Today we get to talk about MoneyWell, so let’s get started.

It’s only day six since MoneyWell 1.0 shipped, but I’d like to give you an update on our progress. When we shipped MoneyWell, we started to get some downloads and we were pretty happy about that. In the first five days we had over:



We think that’s great and we are really excited. But we think that our presence as a featured product on the Apple downloads site is really going to give us a big lift. And you know what? We were right. On day five alone… (pause)

We have had (pause) over:



This is amazing. We’ve increased our downloads by a factor of 5 in one day. We are really very excited about it and we feel this is only the beginning. Stay with us, because we are going to continue to have amazing results like this. Talk to you soon.


Featured Download – MoneyWell

It’s always exciting to get good press for your products or your company. When you are developing software for the Mac, one of the highest honors is to be a Featured Product on Apple’s Downloads site.

Today I woke to see that MoneyWell is not only the featured product in the business and finance section, but the main featured product when you go to Apple’s download page. There are so many great software products coming out for Mac OS X right now that one product can’t hold this spot too long, so I’m making the best of it.

I’ve added a “60-day money back guarantee” to my MoneyWell page and I have at least one tutorial up for people to look at. An added bonus is that Apple has some big announcements today, which means their website is going to get more traffic than usual. What perfect timing!

It’s hard to describe the difference between churning out code for Windows and creating software for Mac OS X. I was very proud of some of my creations for Windows, but the development process was always frustrating. Now, even when I’m struggling with some Objective-C code in OS X, I know that the final solution will end up being elegant and the resulting product light years ahead of anything I would be building in Windows.

Plus, there is just no good “featured product” section on the Microsoft site. Thank you Apple! You rock!!!


Going International

It probably has something to do with the fact that I released MoneyWell on a US holiday (Labor Day Weekend), but I am shocked at how many prospects and customers have come from overseas. Many of them wanted me to localize the date and currency information in MoneyWell (localizing is designing the program so it knows how to display dates and numbers using the local rules).

So to satisfy my international clientele, I have released MoneyWell 1.0.1 (38). It has the requested localization and fixes bugs found in QIF imports as well as a few other changes.

There has been negative and positive feedback, but the positive stuff has been so great I’m hardly affected by the negatives (I only briefly pouted, then I got back to coding). Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to tell me about bugs and compliment my efforts.

This cycle seems to be typical for me. I get a release out and have to push out a patch soon after. Now that I’m past that required act, I’m back to the website tutorials. Part of me is exhausted from the long hours, but this is so much fun that I can’t wait to do more! I feel like I’m living a Tony Robbins success story!

And this is only the beginning. How freakin’ cool is that?!?!


Now It’s for Real…

MoneyWell shipped on August 31, 2007 at 2:40 PM Central time!

It’s been posted to all the usual download sites (Apple, MacUpdate, VersionTracker) and press releases were sent to the top Mac news sites (MacNN, MacWorld, MacLife, MacMinute). The No Thirst Software website has had some updates to reflect the new product (with more site updates pending) and sales are already coming in. Life is good!

But, now everything has changed. MoneyWell is no longer a hidden development project or a limited beta test, it’s a living, breathing product with customers that need support and will be asking for updates. That changes the tone. If there’s a bug in the beta version, you tell the beta testers, “Sorry, delete your data files and start over with the new build.” That option is off the table now.

Is that scary? Not really. I remember my dad, who was a merchant marine sailing the North Atlantic in WWII, telling me, “You can’t be afraid of the sea because you’ll never be able to do your job, but you can’t pretend its not powerful enough to kill you either. You just need to learn to respect it.”

I respect my role.