Monthly Archives: December 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I can’t believe 2007 is almost over. I’m still having to think about which year to put down when I write out a check (yeah, that’s sad—but that’s me). My Christmas wish is simple: I want to have thousands of new satisfied customers for Christmas!

That may be a tough one for the elves to hammer out, so I will have to take this wish over Santa’s head. And it’s really not a greedy wish, right? I am asking for “thousands of people” to be happy with MoneyWell and/or Debt Quencher. Shoot, this is almost like asking for world peace… just on a much smaller scale. It’s a win-win situation if I can grow my company while helping customers to dig out from the spending they did over the holidays, right?

But seriously, I am feeling very blessed that No Thirst Software had such a great first official year. 2007 gave me the opportunity to build a company the way I wanted to and I’ve been blessed with so much positive feedback from our customers. There has been tons of support for the software and support we have provided, and this is only the beginning. 2008 is going to build on this solid start and grow even greater software.

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays! May you be blessed with awareness and appreciation of the many blessings that surround you and pour through your life.


Gasping for Air (or MoneyWell 1.2 has been Released)

For me, there’s nothing more satisfying in business than releasing a software update. It’s like holding your breath underwater and then, just when you think you can’t hold it any longer, you break through the surface and enjoy a huge gulp of air. You’re exhausted, but also energized and relieved to be able to breath freely.

After the release of MoneyWell 1.2, I did a ton of breathing yesterday and not much else. I tried, but it felt like I needed to just catch my breath.

When the testing is coming to a close and the help file is almost updated, the urgency increases. A press release needs to be drafted (and then reviewed by my wife because my first draft of almost everything sucks) and then rewritten. The website needs to be updated, all the download services notified, and their listings updated. Lastly, the XML file for the Sparkle appcast (the thing that tells all our existing customers that an update is available) is updated and everything goes live.

It’s that anxious feeling you get when you know you’re close to the surface and you just can’t wait




But today it’s back to work. The website needs lots more content because MoneyWell has lots more functionality and there’s more video tutorials to record. Check out the press release and tell everyone you know to try MoneyWell—because the second most satisfying activity in business is watching the sales roll in.



I tell my kids that once you find something to be passionate about, you’ll experience joy in what you do. It may be your career, your mate, your spiritual life, an outreach program, or, hopefully, all of the above. No matter what you do, when you’re passionate about it, then you’ll find the energy and drive to do it better and it won’t feel like work.

I’ve been blessed with an amazing wife who allows me to follow my passions despite the years of living with the insecurity of being self-employed. It would have been so much easier on her if I would have taken a more conventional path and had a steady paycheck and pension to rely on, but she married me and has been stuck with my ways.

There have been times in my life when I had the money and time to start my own company, but I just couldn’t. Even after I had done it four times, I struggled at one point to do it again and I couldn’t figure out why. The reason was simple: I wasn’t passionate about anything at the time. For me, owning my own business is not about the money. I like earning money and I really, really, really like to spend it, but that’s not the driving force for me. There needs to be a higher purpose.

With No Thirst Software, I feel a purpose. Debt Quencher is a simple solution to a very common problem of dealing with credit card debt. MoneyWell is a companion product that empowers people to control their spending. I have no medical degree, but in some small way, I am helping cure people of problems they are experiencing. Being in debt or having financial troubles can cause serious health issues and enormous pain, and helping to relieve that suffering in any way fills a need in me.

There’s also a geekier side to my passion: I love when technology works well. I’m not a gadget freak, in fact, I’m very selective about my technology. That’s probably why I’m such a fan of Apple products—Apple has a history of producing products that have elegant designs, are well-crafted, and are comfortable to use without training—even though they are high-tech products.

I recently added several features to version 1.2 of MoneyWell that I feel have elegant designs and are comfortable to use immediately. That version is now in beta testing so I’ll find out soon if my beta testers feel the same way. It’s hard for many people to control their spending. For some of us—like me—we just don’t want to even know how much we spend because we’d have to change our behavior and that sounds like a drag. But with the latest version of MoneyWell, I’m excited about recording even my cash expenses. With MoneyWell, it’s finally simple enough to do that I can get my lazy butt to do it.

It’s been years since I’ve been this passionate about software development. It’s a combination of being able to solve a pain in my life, being able to positively affect others’ lives, and having the right tools and operating system. I lost my passion for writing Windows software when I had to spend most of my time coding to work around bugs and quirks in that operating system. Now with Mac OS X, I’m coding for a system that was developed by people with a passion for excellence.

It’s a lot of work to design and write software, create websites, documentation, marketing materials, and the rest that goes with being a micro-ISV, but it doesn’t feel like work to me. I wish that everyone could find a passion in their lives and experience this type of joy. Passion is an amazing blessing.