Chatting with Aaron, Marcus, and Scotty

I had the privilege of being part of a Developers Roundtable hosted by Scotty. This roundtable podcast includes veteran Cocoa developer, Marcus Zarra and the man that taught many of us to write Cocoa applications, Aaron Hillegass. We were able to toss around our opinions about coding data storage on the Mac and Aaron does a fine job of depressing us by dangling something in front of us that we could have had instead of Core Data but don’t.

Listen to it now at The Mac Developer Network.


2 thoughts on “Chatting with Aaron, Marcus, and Scotty

  1. nalenb

    No subversion!! I’ve been putting off installing it (again). Instead, I’m trying to use Time Machine for my source control 🙂 I’m a sole developer, I almost never need to go back in the history, and I’m tired of the annoying labeling of releases and stuff, just way too overkill for what I need. But running without subversion makes me feel like I’m not a real developer, so I’ll probably install it again.

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