Check the Fan… See If Anything Hit It Yet

Yesterday was crazy and today is double-super crazy. I posted two release candidates of MoneyWell yesterday and plan to release the final version today (if I don’t blow a gasket first). What seemed so organized just a couple of days ago is now a huge messy pile.

As always with software development, there’s one last bug to fix or a critical missed piece of functionality. The trick is to know what to touch and what to leave alone for now. I think I made it through the important fixes yesterday, but I didn’t get to much else on my list, which is now long enough to make me want to run out of my office screaming until I knock myself out by hitting a signpost in the street. This is not a cartoon though and I really don’t have time for a hospital run.

Let’s see what’s in the pile:

  • The web site needs the final page designs completed and posted (pretty critical)
  • My PayPal payment system needs to be updated (oh crap—must have a way to pay)
  • I still don’t have my final discount processing system in place for Debt Quencher customers (double crap)
  • The online tutorials aren’t done yet (that ain’t happenin’ today)
  • The press release still needs final editing (that’s gotta happen today)
  • I need to retest the licensed and unlicensed modes (mega high priority)

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something, I just hope it’s not a biggie.

Release day is a blend of anxiety and excitement that is hard to describe. If I survive it, I’ll post more entries about how it went. If not, look for me unconscious in the street.