Day 20 – It’s a Bit Surreal

It seems longer than 20 days since I launched MoneyWell. So much has happened so quickly that I’m struggling to keep it all in perspective. Maybe it’s because the desire to have my own software company has been burning in my heart for so long. To have it now be a reality is almost surreal.

I started working on Debt Quencher in January, 2006, which at the time was called “Zero Debt” but I couldn’t get close to that domain name. By October, I had a finished product and I was deciding if I should risk my financial security—or at least what little there was at the time—on another start-up. After much prayer and thought, I went for it.

Now 20 days after releasing MoneyWell, the flagship product for No Thirst Software, I’m actually paying the bills without the aid of a business loan. The reality is just setting in.

There is much to do still. I’ve had to change some design patterns in MoneyWell (tech speak for redoing whole segments of code) to get around the bugs that popped up and caused me to create a third patch for the initial release and I’m not done with that yet. Then there’s the 1.1 release that’s crying for my attention. Lastly, I’m dying to create additional tutorials and add enhancements to my web site. I don’t see any boredom in my near future.

Due to popular request, I’ll talk about what’s planned for MoneyWell 1.1 in an upcoming blog entry.