"Did you release the software yet?"

You know how kids can be: You’re on a trip and—just after you leave your neighborhood—the question, “Are we there yet?” rings out from the back seat. I’ve pretty much trained my family to not do that when we are on the road. I think the threat was, “Ask that one more time and you can walk the rest of the way to find out just how far we are from done!”

Well the new question from my urchins is, “Did you release the software yet?” Now I can’t really complain about this one. I was supposed to start beta testing it three weeks ago, but life keeps getting in the way. Besides the full-time job and the three teens to manage, I have commitments at my church and random chaos issues. One of those issues had to do with my web development.

I was using a nice, simple tool to put up a nice, simple website. Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a control freak and the nice, simple tool was not letting me change certain things in either a nice or simple way. This caused me to research more annoying and complex ways to enhance the nice, simple tool so I could finish my nice, simple website. Long story short: the nice, simple tool is out and I’m back to using a big iron web publishing tool that lets me have full control.

Anyway, I have the site up and I’m nearly ready to pull the trigger on the beta. Introducing No Thirst Software.

The site is tiny and the content MIA, but I’ll get back to that soon and start publishing articles I have wrote along with more details about Debt Quencher once the beta is in full swing. My goal is to have shipped the 1.0 product by mid-September. This should be very doable as long as I stay focused and on course.

So keep your seat belts on, quiet down and for heavens sake stop teasing your sister!!!