Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Your Job!

HATE. I don’t like the word or the emotion. It dredges up ugly images and even uglier feelings in me. Because of this, I work hard not to hate anything or anyone.

I HATE my job.

Plain and simple. I am physically sick of doing what I do. It used to be fun when I first helped start this company. The view darkened when we grew to a point where my partners and I saw different paths for the future of our software shop. Then it was a little brighter when I spun off a to put some space between me and my partners, but that ended very badly with them firing me. I sold my stock back to them and washed my hands of the place.

Two years later, I came back because the business was in tough financial shape (and my stock payments in jeopardy). Apologies were shared and I was given the role of being in control of all the product development to help get the company on track again. It was weird working as an employee at a company I formerly owned, but I got over it. Now four years later, things have gone way downhill. I’m talking about swimming-in-raw-sewage-while-management-juggles-hand-grenades type downhill. It ain’t pretty. I’ve tried to keep my rants down to a minimum, but that’s like throwing up in your mouth and swallowing.

On the positive side, all this aggravation is keeping me focused on quickly being successful at my new start-up. It can’t happen too soon. Every day I want to run down the hall into my former partner’s office and do some Ballmer-esque chair throwing to get his attention while I shout, “This is no way to run a freakin’ software company!!!” I’d probably add comments about removing heads from dark places and other hateful rants. It turns my stomach and I’m annoyed that I let it go this far. I shouldn’t hate what I do, instead I should have made a move like this a year ago. Unfortunately that goes in the shoulda-woulda-coulda bucket and I don’t have the history-changing ability of Marty McFly. I also can’t quit just yet so I’ll just have to avoid going postal until my alternate cash flow is somewhat robust.

The irony is that I’m the one always preaching to others that they need to be passionate about what they do. Don’t settle for a paycheck. Don’t work at a place that makes you want to rush home and down a bottle of vodka to balance out the day. Yet, here I am doing exactly what I’ve told my kids not to do.

Luckily I haven’t gone off the deep end (totally). I still have a soft spot for this company. I want to see it do well and I even want my former partners to succeed. They would need to see exactly where they’ve gone wrong and have a clear vision of where this company needs to go. I don’t hold much hope for that happening though. It’s hard to visualize the future when your primary view is the inside of your colon.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have wondered many times how you are able to tolerate LB’s business tactics. He is way too much for me. (VBG) Good luck with getting away from him again. Your sanity will improve when you do.

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