Entrepreneurial Seduction

I’m not a virgin: I’m engaged in my fifth seduction. I’ve been wined and dined by the alluring world of start-ups many times. At the tender (and relatively ignorant) age of 19, I fell for that old line, “Want to start a business together?” That ruined me. I couldn’t remain faithful to any other business after that.

Sure there were years when I toyed with the idea of shacking up with Corporate America, but something was always lacking. It’s like being chauffeured around in a Lincoln Town Car–yeah the ride is nice, but what’s the point? You’re tucked away in the back seat. Where’s the exhilaration of flooring it on the freeway on-ramp to try to squeeze into that tiny opening in the fast lane? There’s no ability to decide to detour around traffic, no visuals to veer from construction and no inspiration to take the road less traveled. It’s a passive relationship that gets you from point A to point B. I need to experience the road first hand.

So here I am blogging (I am a blog virgin so be gentle with me) about my latest start-up experience. I’m building (another) software company, but this time it’s sans partners. The process is very exciting, I hope reading about it will be somewhat so.

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurial Seduction

  1. JudyTransformed

    I like it! Very well written and I can relate to the automobile parallels. Sounds like it will be an exciting trip. I’m looking forward to cruisin’ with you!

    You’re right when you say there’s seduction to being an entrepreneur. It brought tears to my eyes because I can so relate. It takes courage, man.

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