Gasping for Air (or MoneyWell 1.2 has been Released)

For me, there’s nothing more satisfying in business than releasing a software update. It’s like holding your breath underwater and then, just when you think you can’t hold it any longer, you break through the surface and enjoy a huge gulp of air. You’re exhausted, but also energized and relieved to be able to breath freely.

After the release of MoneyWell 1.2, I did a ton of breathing yesterday and not much else. I tried, but it felt like I needed to just catch my breath.

When the testing is coming to a close and the help file is almost updated, the urgency increases. A press release needs to be drafted (and then reviewed by my wife because my first draft of almost everything sucks) and then rewritten. The website needs to be updated, all the download services notified, and their listings updated. Lastly, the XML file for the Sparkle appcast (the thing that tells all our existing customers that an update is available) is updated and everything goes live.

It’s that anxious feeling you get when you know you’re close to the surface and you just can’t wait




But today it’s back to work. The website needs lots more content because MoneyWell has lots more functionality and there’s more video tutorials to record. Check out the press release and tell everyone you know to try MoneyWell—because the second most satisfying activity in business is watching the sales roll in.


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  1. Anonymous

    It’s funny, but just reading your posts makes me want to buy your software. Anyways, I wanted to ask if you ever intend on adding support for tracking investment accounts? The philosophy behind MoneyWell seems almost perfect for me but I need just a little more flexibility in order to drop Quicken.

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