How to Brighten Someone’s Day

How do you feel when someone gives you a sincere compliment?

Doesn’t the world around you immediately change? It does for me. I have been putting in some long hours lately trying to launch MoneyWell and it has been exhausting. Some nights I feel a heaviness (on top of the literal heaviness because of too much fast food) and I lose sight of the purpose behind all the effort.

Then a compliment comes my way, “Your program looks great!” and everything changes. Then another drops in from a beta tester saying, “Very polished and quite like an Apple app” and another saying, “I’ve been looking for something like this on the Mac ever since I bought it.” Or a comment on this blog offers more positive feedback (no, I’m not fishing for compliments… really, I’m not that needy… well, maybe I am that needy, but I’m still not fishing) and the weight is gone (still talking metaphorically here, I do have to eat more salads). The world seems brighter and my purpose has been restored.

Now it’s very possible that I’m just more fragile than most and I dent and ding too easily, but I think that the majority of people need to hear more positive feedback on a daily basis. Is there anyone you can compliment today? Your spouse, kids, or a coworker? Instead of just criticizing their mistakes, compliment their accomplishments or behavior. I’m quite sure you’ll benefit from it too!

As for me, I’m riding pretty high right now on the recent compliments that have been graciously given to me. I know much of the feedback I’ll get after releasing MoneyWell will be on the negative side because there are plenty of things to be added and enhanced and I have to keep reminding myself that it’s just a 1.0 release. I’m also sure there will be bugs that slip through the testing and I’ll have to handle those, but my release deadline is now two days away and I can’t worry about what is lacking or the responses from customers. I know now that I’ll get enough positives to offset the negatives and those will energize me to push forward with updates to satisfy the masses. Thanks to everyone who has helped me get through this process!


One thought on “How to Brighten Someone’s Day

  1. Jerry

    YoYo!!! Need a compliment huh, well, here’s one, I’ve got a developer up here who I introduced to your blog…a couple of months ago, remember, back when we last talked? and you were coming over for lunch?? yeah, you remember that??? anyway, HA (i feel real good about that!!! yeah, what is it? you really DON’T want to eat lunch w/me?? you just stringing me along?) anyway, this developer, he just comes into my office and tells me that you updated your blog, he says that YOU ARE HIS HERO!!! Ha, hows that? he is a Mac guy….and now you are a “celebrity”, please keep that lunch appt….I promimsed him that I’d get you to autograph his cube wall…..nice work …. later,,, Jerry

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