It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

You know the high you feel when you devour six chocolate bars and then wash ’em down with an energy drink? You’re so wired that you can conquer the world!

And then 45 minutes later you’re depressed enough to install Vista on your iMac.

Extend that feeling about a week and you have the MoneyWell product launch. Every day was a rush of sugar and caffeine seeing 18 to 21 thousand downloads each day and then, after losing the Apple place of honor, it dropped to around a thousand. I can hear B.B. King growling, “The thrill is gone baby…”

Where is that friggin’ Windows CD anyway… (Don’t worry, I don’t even own a copy of Vista. The last Microsoft OS I bought was Windows 2000.)

So, I’m working on MoneyWell 1.0.3 to cure the problems I let slip by in 1.0.2. This patch is getting double the testing because I hate feeling good about a fix that isn’t a fix. After this is done, I have some FAQs and tutorials to post to the website and a patch to put out for Debt Quencher.

Then it’s on to MoneyWell 1.1 development. Just thinking about it is like having a mouthful of chocolate!


P.S.: Thanks to Paul Robinson for the interview. I’m honored that he took the time and blog space to record my less than mainstream thoughts and comments.