I’ve Never Really Been Popular Before

You know those kids in school that are a little too straight-laced and quiet to be popular? Yeah, that was me. I just never was popular.

This morning I looked at Apple’s “most popular” section of their downloads page and I see the following:

  1. iTunes 7.4
  2. Quicktime 7.2
  3. Safari 3 Public Beta
  4. MoneyWell 1.0
  5. Windows Media Player for Mac OS X 9.0

How cool is that?!?! MoneyWell’s not only popular, but the three products more downloaded than it are free stuff from Apple and it beat a Microsoft product (okay, that last one isn’t so hard to do on the Mac)!

Does that make me popular?

Probably not. I still have to rub my dog’s belly to get her to even hang with me. But I’m just that desperate to take this as being popular by association. W00t!


3 thoughts on “I’ve Never Really Been Popular Before

  1. Terry

    I must say, that’s darn nice. Of course you realize, don’t you, that the pressure is really on now.

    All those popular kids you remember had to work at it, just to stay popular. Now you’re Mr. Popular, king of the hill.

    Now the challenge is to remain popular, and have enough sales to to do nice things, like eat and live in a house.

    Keep this up and you will definitely be the Quicken killer.

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