Mac Software Business: Year One Podcast

Keith Alperin has just published his debut podcast and graciously invited me to be in on it. Gus Meuller of Flying Meat and Steve “Scotty” Scott of mamooba and the Mac Developer Network are fellow panel members.

The four of us take turns talking about the process of starting a Mac ISV along with our motivations and experiences. You’d never know that this was Keith’s first time in this role, he did an excellent job. I on the other hand had a bad case of the “ums.” Let’s just blame it on the fact that all four of my brain cells were quite busy trying to finish MoneyWell 1.3.

Speaking of which, the beta for 1.3 is nearing an end. I’m working tirelessly to publish a release candidate this week. There’s so many tasty new features in this release that I can’t wait to experience the public response. I know it all can’t be positive so I’ll take gobs of new sales to balance out the potential critics. It’s only fair, right?


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