MoneyWell 1.1 Is Out! (And I’m About To Pass Out)

It’s out the door! MoneyWell version 1.1 was released today and, frankly, I’m exhausted, thrilled, a bit nervous (did I test enough?!?!), and exhausted. Did I mention that I’m a bit tired?

So, I’ll write more about this release later, but I just wanted to say that I had an excellent group of beta testers on this release of MoneyWell. Normally, I don’t expect much from a beta test, but there were some very passionate users that caught several critical bugs I may have missed. Every developer should be blessed in this way!

Tomorrow is a full day of press releases, web site updates, and marketing. If I wasn’t so exhausted, I’d start right now because it sounds like fun (seriously, it does!). That’s what I like about being a Micro-ISV: I get to switch hats and keep from getting bored doing one task over and over.

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