Over 102,000! How About Trying to Bring Down My Server?

Downloads and traffic to the No Thirst Software site have been trending down (from 20,000 per day to around 18,000) so I didn’t expect the 21,000+ bonus that happened yesterday to put downloads up over 102,000 just before midnight.

This will probably be the last new prospect/customer trend I will be able to record with any accuracy because I’m going to release the 1.0.2 (39) patch today and all the people that have MoneyWell will get an automatic notice to download the new version (Thank you Andy Matuschak! You deserve an award for Sparkle!). These repeat offenders will skew the trend to look better than it really is, but part of my brain will just continue to think these are new views and be giddy all over again.

I’m excited about this MoneyWell patch because it incorporates many of the bug fixes that people have reported and also finishes up some features that I had to cut out of the 1.0 release due to time constraints (saving window size/location, large splitter handles, etc.). MoneyWell has two more additions to QIF importing that should make it able to read just about any QIF file out there.

Now I know that I’ve just opened the door to be proven wrong by the first new customer that uses it, but I’m getting used to being proven wrong—that’s either humility finally sinking in or I’ve been broken by the tech support emails over the past week.

Actually, I have no reason to complain about the support email traffic. I think God knows that I can only handle so much at one time and He throttled this down for me. Almost everyone has been very polite with their bug reports and the feature requests have all been very consistent. There is a common set of requests that just happen to match what I have planned for the next couple of minor releases. I couldn’t ask for a more cooperative customer base!

Now I have to get back to testing the patch so I can release it today and pretend like I’m getting double the downloads from new prospects. In fact, would every one of the 102,000+ downloaders please just run MoneyWell once after the patch is posted and update to 1.0.2 so I can stress test my hosting service? Server Logistics has been so good so far, I want to see what they can handle (don’t worry Aaron, they all don’t read this blog).


2 thoughts on “Over 102,000! How About Trying to Bring Down My Server?

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the kind words! All the publicity is reward enough for me.

    Until I get bored and use the massive install base for world domination. You know.

    – Andy Matuschak

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