Quicken taking on MoneyWell?

Okay, this is too funny. I just got done being interviewed by Scotty about Battling Big Iron Software Companies as a Micro-ISV and then I read this article on MacRumors about Intuit rewriting Quicken to be more Mac-like. Like MoneyWell, it will be Cocoa-based and use CoreData for storage. Unlike MoneyWell, it will only be for Leopard.

Here’s the quote that killed me:

Because the application is being built from the ground-up, it will initially contain only a subset of what is currently found in Quicken 2007 for Mac. While it will fully support cash-flow accounts (cash, checking, savings, credit cards), it will start with extremely limited support for investments, though you will be able to track your balances and holdings and calculate your net worth.

I’m sorry, I really don’t think Intuit is looking at No Thirst Software and getting worried, but it’s just a cool coincidence that yesterday I talked about how MoneyWell is young application and doesn’t have as many features as Quicken, but takes better advantage of Mac technologies like CoreData and Cocoa and now this announcement comes from Intuit.

All I can say is bring it on!


8 thoughts on “Quicken taking on MoneyWell?

  1. Anonymous

    C’mon Kevin…they should be worried. I have owned financial software for over 13 years and have been a heavy user. MW may be in it’s “teenage” season…but you have already smoked the competition on actual finance planing in my book…

    Keep it up, and who knows….

  2. Jim

    Have you SEEN the prerelease screenshots of the next version of Quicken? UGH! It still looks like a warmed over windows app with bad font spacing, harsh color choices and charts and graphs straight out of 1985. This is what I get when intuit builds from the ground up? Keep rockin’ MoneyWell!

  3. Kevin Hoctor

    Jim, yes I did, but I didn’t look that closely. After I saw how Intuit decided to use Cover Flow, I knew I was pretty safe. It’s pretty, but how does seeing a smaller version of a transactions list floating by for each account help anyone?

    Thanks for the support!

  4. Ben Garland

    Hi Kevin! I have recently been looking at various financial software for the Mac so that my gf and I can take control of our budget. We are trying to save up a lot of money over the next few years so that we can afford to build our own house without needing a loan.

    By far, MoneyWell is the slickest and easiest to use program that we have tried. It is really helping us to understand where our money is going, and how much we can save each month.

    Once I read your blog, and saw your passion for creating great software, I knew that we made the right decision to go with MW.


  5. Anonymous

    I’m not sure I want to see a New Worth feature in MoneyWell. Takes away from the focus on controlling spending. Assets depreciate, so depreciation has to be tracked. You know that expense category called mortgage? Guess what… it’s not really an expense… it’s a liability. Liability accounts don’t show up in income statements. Makes it more difficult to see the overall picture. Rather than track Net Worth let’s focus on the basics and implement scheduled transactions, etc. Thanks, Kevin.

  6. Kevin Hoctor

    @anonymous – I agree that a typical “Net Worth” screen is less than useful when you’re trying to control your spending and even a bit misleading, but what I have in mind is more of a user-defined financial overview.

    Scheduled/repeating transactions are first along with each account having its own currency setting.

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