The Lone American

Scotty’s latest MacSB Podcast is out and I’m the lone American on it. Sharing the mic space with me are Danny Greg and Fraser Speirs, as well as our host, Steve “Scotty” Scott.

We chat about Licensing and Serials and I learn a few British terms, like “wash up,” which I thought was Scotty giving us a TMI moment but really he was just going to clean some dishes. Silly American.


2 thoughts on “The Lone American

  1. Chad

    One of my British co-workers had complained that when she was trying to leave the country, the border patrol “picked me bangers”. Yikes, sounds a little personal and frisky! Is that anything like pinching your bloomers? Getting your knickers tied into a knot?

    No, no…she mean that they took away her sausages! Still, not a very smart idea to try and take meat out of the country! Might as well stuff a couple flowers and small animals in your pockets as well…

  2. Chad

    Correction: I believe that the phrase was “pinched me bangers”, not “picked me bangers”. It still sounds like grounds for a lawsuit, however!

    I also noticed that the term “lawyer” was thrown about quite liberally in the discussion. Not an unusual term in the States (“shark” being another acceptable term), but from what I’ve learned, they tend to use the word “solicitor” more often in the UK.

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