The Smoking Gun

It’s official. I’ve pulled the trigger on the Debt Quencher beta. Hear the crickets?

Of course it’s a non-release at this point. I haven’t announced it yet to anyone except my friends and family—and only the techies in that group understand what I’m talking about. The others just give me a passing, “Way to go Kev!” as if I scored a turkey in bowling. (Did that bowling comment just ruin my street cred?!?!) Uh, I really don’t bowl much. Okay, I own my own ball and shoes, but it’s not like I hang out at the lanes or anything.

But I digress; this post is about the beta.

I’m working on the press release (my first five versions sucked in various ways, shapes and forms) and hope to have that out by tomorrow so there is at least some chance for traffic to my site. The No Thirst Software site is getting better as I have time to primp it. I have some articles to post that will work with Debt Quencher and help people move towards a cash positive future. I want this to be a full-service company. I envision the No Thirst site being useful even if you don’t purchase anything (but please purchase something!). I have high hopes that I will make a positive dent in the universe with this enterprise (and a positive dent in my cash flow as well so buy my stuff!).

During this beta period, Debt Quencher is free. I’ll set the final price next month when I release it. Feel free to chat with me on the newly established beta test e-mail list. You can sign up for it on the Debt Quencher beta page.

And if you wouldn’t mind… keep it quiet about the bowling equipment. Thanks.

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