What’s Coming in MoneyWell 1.1?

Everyone wants to know what’s coming in future releases of MoneyWell. I think that’s a reasonable request. We all have a natural curiosity and a desire to know that the software we buy has a bright future and will grow to solve more problems for us.

Now the experienced software developer in me is screaming, “Shut up! Don’t promise anything that’s not already in final testing. Do you want a Longhorn/Vista disaster on your hands!?!? Geez, have you learned nothing from Bill and Steve’s joyride over the software precipice?” But I’m thinking, I can talk about some of the plans. I mean, what can it hurt to let you peek behind the curtain a bit, right? Wow, that voice in my head is really loud and annoying. Okay, here we go…

  • OFX/QFX Support: I wanted this in 1.0 because I have a ton of transactions per day and QIF support is marginally okay for bringing bank transactions into MoneyWell for me. I’ve also had several requests for comma-delimited file support from Europe and Canada, this type of import may not make the first update but it will not be forgotten.
  • Duplicate Transaction Detection: This goes hand-in-hand with the previous pain. I don’t want to have to delete duplicate transactions by hand and neither does anyone else. (If I’m wrong about this and you do enjoy boring, repetitive tasks, please contact me about being a beta tester.)
  • Account Reconciliation: This is another feature that was cut from 1.0 to get it out the door. How are you supposed to track all your transactions if you can’t reconcile your account to make sure none are missing? Of course this is coming.
  • Printing: We love paper! Back in 1986 when the Mac was supposed to help us create the paperless office, we started the greatest increase in personal printing in all of history (and it’s not slowing down). You won’t see a huge array of reports, but you will be able to get a nice-looking printout of your filtered transactions. More diverse reporting will come in the future.
  • Per Month Planning: Here’s another sliced outta 1.0 feature because I couldn’t get the interface working the way I wanted. With this you’ll be able to set a unique spending plan amount per month per bucket.
  • Repeating/Pending Transactions: There’s lots of code in MoneyWell already for this and it hurt to rip it from 1.0 so I’m going to work hard to get it into the next release.
  • Money Flow Editing: Having rollovers and money flows automatic is very nice, but there have been enough customer scenarios already to warrant adding the ability to change dates and amounts of these operations.
  • Enhanced Transfers: Allow transfers to be created/changed from the transaction detail. This will allow you to use transfers in a more flexible manner.
  • Exporting: This is a long shot for the next release, but if it misses, it will be high on the list for the next release.

Okay, that’s plenty of rope to hang myself. I think I’ll add a disclaimer just for good measure.

Disclaimer: Remember that none of these features are guaranteed to be in the upcoming release (or any release for that matter) and I have the ability to edit this blog entry in the future if anyone tries to use this information in any sort of extortion scheme.

Just know that my primary concern is the smooth operation of MoneyWell: Jamming a bunch of poorly executed features into software doesn’t make it better, it makes it Windows Vista. (Did I just say that out loud?) My secondary concern is prompt delivery of an update: I want to have this out by December so I will cut what I have to so this will happen.

Now, feel free to pray that most of these make the release and I don’t regret this curtain peek in a couple of months.


12 thoughts on “What’s Coming in MoneyWell 1.1?

  1. Patrick

    I’m desperately looking for a software program that will allow me to add transactions on the go in my windows mobile 5 pocket pc, and then allow me to sync to my Mac via missing sync. Does/will moneywell have this capability?

  2. Kevin Hoctor

    There are no plans right now to support the Windows Mobile OS. If a mobile component to MoneyWell is created, it will most likely happen first on the iPhone.

  3. Anonymous

    Any chances of having auto downloads in a future release? It could go hand in hand with the OFX update. Just have to know how to log onto your banks servers to get the info. I use moneydance to do it (and honestly the support could be a hassle), but it’s worth asking for (just for ease of use)

  4. Kevin Hoctor

    Yes, OFX/QFX support includes downloads when possible. Some financial institutions (FIs) go through Intuit for their file generation so there is some question about MoneyWell getting a direct link to those, but there should be quite a few FIs that we can talk to directly.

  5. Anonymous

    I think you will triple your sales with direct connect! Looking forward to even the possibility!

  6. Joseph

    I honestly don’t have that much on my wishlist for Moneywell, I’ve tried pretty much everything else out there. I really gave them a try too, bought a license and used them all for a month or two at least.

    One thing you didn’t mention that I wonder about. If you can do per month planning, would it be much more work to allow users to define custom planning periods. Per paycheck comes to mind as does per quarter. I’m envisioning you’d define it the way iCal defines repeating events for setting the start date of the new period. This might be a good model for the recurring/pending transactions too. It’s just really concise and still flexible.

    Anyway, great piece of software which I’m glad to have as is. Thanks and take care!

  7. Kevin Hoctor

    Thanks Joseph. I do have a ton of things on my wishlist, so you’re getting them anyway. ;->

    MoneyWell is designed with a lot of flexibility in the spending plan. It’s not difficult to give custom planning periods, but it’s all about the interface. I won’t add a feature until I can the user interface clear and concise.

  8. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin Hoctor

    What a beautiful piece of work. I do mean work, as I know what is involved as a programmer to put something like this together, let alone conceptualize something like this.

    I was so happy to Dump Intuits Quicken. I was just waiting for some programmer out there to put together a beautiful and functional program like this.

    Any way, I would like to see two functions magically appear.

    1. Memorizing those payee’s I put in to automatically show up.

    2. Auto Cap the first letter in a sentence, if one forgets.

    But hey, there is no way I will give up this program if they never show up. Its that great.

    Keep up the Hard Work, Kevin.

    Charles Grandmaison.

  9. Kevin Hoctor

    Thanks Charles!

    MoneyWell 1.2 does automatically create memorized transactions and will even update similar existing transactions. It’s in beta now and will ship in early December.

  10. Maxim

    Hello, Kevin

    The application is almost perfect for my taste, and, being ready to switch to MoneyWell from my elder “bookkeeper’, I would know about your plans concerning multiple currencies support.

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